UMO Looks To Make An Impact With Mental Health Program

UMO Looks To Make An Impact With Mental Health Program

MOUNT OLIVE, N.C. - The University of Mount Olive Athletics Department in its efforts to showcase the importance of mental health awareness conduct a Mental Health Program in the Southern Bank Auditorium on the campus of Mount Olive.

Director of Student-Athlete Development Kourtney Chumbley and Director of Sports Medicine Kaitlin Griego spearheaded the program and along with student-athlete Apple participants, and a mental health panel presented topics of defining what mental health is, warning signs of mental illness, mental wealth, as well as resources available on campus.

Mental health is defined as an individual's psychological and emotional well-being.

Apple group participants Daphne Hawkins and Anthony Wren opened the night by speaking on the topics of warning signs for mental illness in both anxiety and depression. Griego concluded the section by discussing what disordered eating is and the signs of it.

The program then moved into to the mental health panel that included:

Athletic Trainer, Chris Turner, M.Ed., LAT, ATC (Nutrition)

Head Men's Lacrosse Coach, Mike Murphy (Sleep)

Senior Cross Country/Track & Field Athlete, Tai Smith (Time Management/Prioritizing)

Nurse, Joanne Morgan, RN (Substance Abuse)

Following the panel men's wrestler, Ogden Atwood spoke about his personal experience with mental health and how he continues to fight for his mental health every day. He encouraged his fellow student-athletes to reach out if they need to talk and reminded them they're never alone.

"While our program was filled with important information surrounding mental health, it was our first priority to remind our student-athletes we truly value them as individuals. Our mental health program was designed to be a conversation starter. We aimed to incorporate as many people from campus as possible to remind our athletes they are not alone,' said Chumbley.

The UMO Athletics Department showed it's commitment to showing support to any student that might need help with a video shown below.

The program ended by displaying resources available to students and faculty/staff including in-person counseling services as well as outlets for student-athletes to speak with fellow Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representatives if they assistance.