Trojans in the Pros

Year Name Team/Organization
1987 Glenn Warren San Francisco Giants 
1988 Ray Martinez Oakland A's
1990 Steve Mintz Los Angeles Dodgers
1993 Dennis Stutts  Montreal Expos 
1995  Chris Bray Baltimore Orioles
1995  Bobby Cooke  St. Louis Cardinals 
1997  Curtis Whitley  Chicago White Sox 
1999  Brian Morse  Florida Marlins 
1999  Scott McKee  Montreal Expos 
2000  Michael Wiggs Pittsburgh Pirates 
2004  Craig Hurba Texas Rangers/Seattle Mariners
2004  Josh Clow  Kansas City Royals 
2005 Matt Rusch Detroit Tigers
2006 Justin Staatz Minnesota Twins
2007 Tom Layne Boston Red Sox (Drafted by Arizona Diamondbacks, traded to San Diego Padres in 2012, signed with Red Sox after 2013 season)
2007 Scott Houin Milwaukee Brewers
2008 David Cooper Arizona Diamondbacks
2008 Casey Hodges Atlanta Braves
2008 Erik Lovett New York Yankees
2008 Ryan Schlecht Texas Rangers
2008 Michael Williams Pittsburgh Pirates
2009 Rich Racobaldo St. Louis Cardinals
2010 Jeremy Nowak Baltimore Orioles
2010 Ryan Kussmaul Chicago White Sox
2011 Michael Knox St. Louis Cardinals
2011 Carter Capps* San Diego(drafted in 3rd round by Seattle Mariners - highest pick in school history, traded to Marlins prior to 2014 season, traded to Padres in 2017)  
2011 Pete Levitt Chicago Cubs
2012 Jacob Rogers Chicago Cubs
2012 Antonio Callaway Canberra Cavalry (Australia)
2013 Geno Escalante San Francisco Giants
2013 Mike Mercurio Kansas City Royals
2014 Jay Gonzalez Baltimore Orioles
2014 Deshorn Lake New York Yankees
2015 Jason Morozowski Arizona Diamondbacks
2015 Hunter Barnett Toronto Blue Jays
2015 Gunnar Kines Miami Marlins
2017 Bruce Zimmerman Atlanta Braves
2017 Ricky Surum New York Yankees
2017 Zack Mozingo Tampa Bay Rays
2017 Austin Hutchison Seattle Mariners
2017 Kodi Whitley St. Louis Cardinals

*Currently playing in Major League
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