Jacob Clarke
Jacob Clarke
Year: So.
Hometown: Nottinghamshire, England
Major: Health and Physical Education
Previous School: Tuxford Academy

Reasons For Attending UMO: "The tennis program looked very good and I like the smaller campus and class sizes."
Plans After College: "Work in America or Japan."

Fun Facts
Nickname: "Clarky."
People Would Be Surprised To Find Out...: "I can speak conversational Japanese."
What is your most memorable sports moment? "Getting promoted to the national division for my club back in England."
What professional tennis player would you like as a doubles partner in a match? "Mike Bryan."
What rule change would you like to see in your sport? "No volleying allowed."
What superpower do you have? "I can eat 10000 calories a day and not gain a single pound."
What superpower would you like to have? "Teleport."
My "fantasy" job ambition: "Get paid to travel the world."
Reality show I'd like to be on: "Ninja Warrior"
My favorite "guilty pleasure": "Nickelback."
What is your favorite class outside of your major? "ADV."
Pre-game rituals or sports superstitions: "New grip is a must."
Three people - living or dead, real or fictitious - that you would want to have dinner with: "Ernest Gulbis, Roger Federer and Benny Lewis."
Complete this sentence: I'm the only person at University of Mount Olive who... "Wants to live in Japan when I'm older."