Sebastian Diebel
Sebastian Diebel
Height: 5-8
Year: Junior
Hometown: Nairn Centre, Ontario
High School: St. Benedicts Catholic Secondary
Major: Exercise Science
Previous School: St. Benedict's Catholic HS

Trojan Highlights
Mount Olive Most Promising RLS Underclassman
Mount Olive Conference Carolinas Track and Field Champion
Member of the FET Committee

High School Highlights
High School 3-time NOSSA 800-meter champion
High School 2-time SDSSAA aggregate champion
High School Track and Cross Country Athlete of the Year
High School Ontario Scholar
High School Lieutenant Governor Award

Reasons For Attending MOC: "Great atmosphere. Wanted to try something new."
Plans After College: "Get into a Master's program back home in Canada."

Fun Facts
Nickname: "Seb, Sea Bass"
People Would Be Surprised To Find Out...: "I come from a small town in northern Ontario that has a population of less than 400."
If You Could Schedule One Competition For MOC, Where Would It Be? Manitoulin Island
Describe The Funniest Or Strangest Thing That Occurred During a Meet: "Watching a runner take his own shoes off during a race."
Superpower I Have: "Smooth talker."
My Favorite Brush With Greatness Experience: "I met Simon Whitfield, Canadian gold and silver medalist in the triathlon."
What is your fantasy job ambition: "To play power forward for the Ottawa Senators."
What is your favorite guilty pleasure: "Coffee, Lots of coffee."